Thursday, November 23, 2006

Dear Sangha:
My apologies for such a long time between posts but now that the Tassajara brochure is well on it's way (I cannot say "done" yet--not for quite a while,) there a little more space and time for this. The posts I dream of doing these next 10 days before sesshin:
On Why I Didn't Shave My Head
On Giving My First Dharma Talk
Is it a Form or a Pet Peeve?
Raising the Bar on Chanting the Women Ancestors
10 Things to Do Before Rohatsu Sesshin

But today is Thanksgiving and the pies (six pumpkin pies make with burnt sugar caramel and fresh ginger) need to be decorated and the heavy cream whipped, and there's a little art project I'm working on for the sangha, and it is a stunningly beautiful clear blue day (walk to the park) so I'll just leave it at this for now. May your day be warm and abundant and may you feel deeply the gratitude that comes from a full belly and good company.
Love and gassho,
Your Shuso

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Anonymous said...

that was an excellent picture of your life as shuso, this day this moment and many great ideas you shared, which through sharing become participatory....thanks