Thursday, March 04, 2010

How is the Shuso doing? Wiped out!! She has been last two days trying to keep up with acupuncture clinic, teaching schedule and the Zen schedule with some late hours. A long nap can do the healing magic!!
I am feeling good about finishing the shuso teas this weekend and about today sending out invitations for Shuso ceremony which is only 3 weeks away!
The teachings coming to my mind today are about the Three Regulations in meditation - Regulating Mind, Regulating Breath and Regulating Posture. Paul was asking us to practice pausing to just breathe in the midst of busyness. That was regulating breath and mind in every day life. It's important to do the three regulations in the beginning of each meditation to get ourselves situated and centered, and this practice can be carried on throughout the day in our daily non-Zendo activities: Am I aware of my breath when I am chopping vegetables? Am I breathing deeply, slowly and smoothly? Am I upright in my posture, having my shoulders down when I am sitting in front of my desk or sitting in a class? Each moment is our practice! "Standing, Sitting,Walking and Sleeping, you stay close to IT!"


Anonymous said...

amazing practice period and enlightening process watching shuso dedication in action. liping is a great example for us all - she does not follow where the path may lead- instead she goes where there is no path and leaves a trail for us all.

Anonymous said...

it is an amazing practice period; and honor watching the dedication and the knowledge of this shuso. liping is one of those people that does not follow where a path may lead. instead she goes where there is no path and leaves us a trail.