Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Equinox poem

Spring Equinox 2012
It seems as though the
equinox returned.
The cycle yet again has turned,
upon the head of a precious pin.
You marvel at the lovely, gentle
unfurling of the ferns,
forever dancing,
taking turns,
in the twilight's soft glowing.
But do not be fooled
by this lore,
that echoes o'er and o'er,
and assures you of that
which you should not know.
This is a moment
never seen before,
though her lovely, arching shoulder
bares itself
in that same
aching, longing way.
Do not escape the night,
nor offer cool respite,
should her fever burn and burn.
For her longing will,
no doubt,
lead her to herself, and lonelier,
but surer still,
than life remaining
as a seed,
still until the flame's gone out.
Breeze on,
delivering fair floaters
to their world,
which ultimately ends unfurled,
dancing forever,
taking turns,
in the twilight's soft glowing.
Praise the moment
of the day,
which foment can no longer stay,
when revealed
the safety of having your say
is seen
as but an illusion.
May it be your dissolution,

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Myomon said...

Congratulations, Konin, now that the PP and ceremony are over! thank you for your practice.

Bowing, Choro in Chapel Hill