Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Tomorrow night is the Shuso Entering Ceremony, so technically I'm not a shuso yet. Even so, I can already feel the shift starting to happen and it's put me off balance and out of sorts. I don't know who I am right now. This is both a little scary and a little exciting. There is so much opportunity for failure, so many places to make mistakes--that's the scary part. The excitement is in the connection, grace, giving and receiving, celebration, full-on immersion in the dharma and sangha. Practicing with this means surrendering, over and over, to not know who I am. To be brand new.

I can't do shuso, I'm not even sure if I can be shuso, but I can walk, blind and foolish, into the experience and see what happens. . . It helps that there will be cookies.

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Anonymous said...

...kinda makes me think that there's more mista˚´s in perfection and more perfection in mis-tÃ¥kes... thinking not thnking the poetry between your words a˜d in shared silence (thinking/not thinking)hey check out the mistakes in the typing ha ha