Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Way-Seeking Mind
Tonight I give my first talk--the Shuso's way-seeking mind talk. I confess that as of right now I have no idea what I'm going to say or even how I want to structure it. There is work and meetings and PP tea today, too. I'm tired and a little stretched. This isn't a bad thing, I know. But I'm watching myself almost wanting to worry--about the brochure for Tassajara next year, about the talk, about being shuso. Can worry be turned into curiosity?

The theme of this Practice Period is the Paramitas and we've been looking at dana paramita (or the perfection of giving.) Paul has started something kind of crazy and wonderful by handing out $1.00 bills to everyone in his various classes and tea groups, asking them to give it away in such a way that it encourages the receiver to continue to give. There are many wonderful stories about this already and one place to start to compile them is in Sherri's blog. I feel really good about the dollar bill project--in a very real way anyone who takes this up will be bringing their practice, their heart, into the world. Into this world, which needs so much right now.


Anonymous said...


It's 8:20pm, Wednesday night, adn I just realized that I'm supposed to be at your Way-seeking mind talk. Ugh. I'm sorry- especially to you, but also to the whole sangha. It's no excuse, but I'm writing a letter to Kosho, and I lost track of time, and forgot. Sorry. I'll listen to the recording.


Anonymous said...

dana, from jay...rewritten after accidental delete!
It's like your way seeking mind talk is an alpine meadow in colorado, opening, with dewdrops sometimes icy storms, open and yet solid for deer to foolishly wander through and insects to burrow in nourishing themselves with the sun's photosynthesis, and you made it solid with your COURAGE, from the floodplain of your autobiography deepeneded, where you've planted your roots have reached deep for that Forest Lake wherever the trees waver, making it possible for us to step onto the wide path with trembling steps and with senses awake the brave the weather, curiously.